About Me

I’m a long time liberal progressive who believes that pragmatism isn’t a dirty word. Politics doesn’t work without some compromise. This is my attempt to translate that to our current political environment.

Why you might care

I’ve been following U.S. politics since before the 1980 Republican National Convention. When we got cable in the 1980’s I’d watch C-Span and Robert Byrd, Howard Baker and Bob Dole in the Senate chambers and the arcane procedures and debates all the time. (Can you tell I preferred watching the Senate?)

There were heros and there were villians and in the end, there was almost always a compromise reached. Can we get there again? Can we govern anymore? I think so and I hope to explore that with this blog.

Why am I doing this?

I believe the fight for our principals has blinded many to the fact that we all have to live together. I’m hoping I can show that it isn’t the end of the world for a conservative when there is a tax increase or a liberal when there is a regulation that gets eliminated. We move forward and hopefully, as we negotiate and compromise, we get more of what we want long-term and give up less. It is not an all-or-nothing proposition. Perhaps I can help with that. Perhaps not. It’s worth a try.

It also will hopefully be a bit cathartic. It’s tough watching this on the sidelines and feeling helpless. This is my way of trying to make a bit of a difference in an environment that is amazingly toxic.

Are you new to this?

Actually, no. I had started a blog back during the President George W. Bush years that was very left-leaning and meant to push back against that administration. I let that wither after President Barack Obama was elected. My own partisan leanings will certainly show through on this blog as well. I hope that they are flavored heavily with some pragmatism as well though. I will attempt to look through the prism of the other side as much as I can and hopefully, maybe, perhaps start to cut through at least some of the hyper-partisanship that is out there.

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